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Bends local lunchbox: Kebaba

After a good friend recommended Kebaba, on the corner of 10th and Newport, I figured that I ought to swing by and see what the hype was about.


From a decor and atmosphere standpoint, I must say that Kebaba shone. The paint scheme was colorful, yet not nauseatingly so. The decor was a cuisine correct, but it didn’t try and shove it down your throat. Set inside a house-turned-restaurant, Kebaba is by all means a comfortable and cozy place to grab a bite to eat and with ample patio seating, it’s not hard to imagine myself outside enjoying a gyro come warmer weather.


I asked the man behind the counter what he recommended, and he told me I ought to order one of the mezzes to start. A mezzes is a sampler plate of sorts, and thiers came with hummous, babaganouj, taboule, rice pilaf, their homemade pita and in my case one lamb kebab. Admittedly, I can’t say I was impressed by their mezze. Nothing was bad, it just wasn’t particularly great either. Their “homemade” pita bread, didn’t come across as being particularly homemade, and I ate it primarily for the fact that it made a handy shovel for the other components of the mezze.


I paid $11.50 for my Mezze, but expect to pay approximately nine dollars for one person. If you have a hankering for middle eastern food here in Bend, Kebaba is probably your best option, however, I don’t if it would be my first recommendation for someone visiting from out of town. This being said, I’ll probably be back once more to decide whether or not I ought to cross kebaba out of my dining repertoire.


To suggest a location for Bend’s local lunchbox contact Tim Cachelin.


Tim Cachelin | The Broadside




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