Bends local Lunchbox: Big O’ Bagel


Let’s talk bread with a singular hole in the middle of it. As far as a speedy breakfast goes, they can be hard to beat. This was my thought when I swung by Big O’ Bagel on Galveston on the way to school one morning.

The decor comes across as little bit gimmicky and uninspired, although the gigantic faux bagel table was unique and made the inner child in me smile. The staff there was friendly and chipper, but not overly so where it would grind my non-morning-person gears. It should be noted that they accept only cash, which seems odd in this day and age where it is relatively painless to become card compatible. Regardless there is a 7/11 right next door, and it’s not too much trouble to sneak over and get some cash.

Prices were extremely reasonable, expect to pay about $2.50 for a bagel with cream cheese, $4 for a breakfast bagel, and anywhere between $5-7 for a lunch sandwich bagel. The breakfast bagel I purchased was good enough for the price, even if the egg, cheese and bacon came across as a little “fast-foody”. The second bagel I bought had just enough cream cheese in my opinion, but I imagine some customers might demand more. Where they shined wasn’t the toppings or the interior, but rather the bagel itself which I suppose is the point. They had about fifteen varieties of bagel, and offer bags of day old for around five bucks, which is a steal in my opinion.

Don’t pull up hoping to have your mind blown by the bagel sandwiches or the amount of cream cheese (although the taste of the cream cheese was impressive), but rather expect friendly bagel girls, and great fresh bagels for a great price.

Tim Cachelin | The Broadside


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