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Super Smash Bros Is Still As Great As You Remember

First, there was just Super Smash Bros, then there was Super Smash Bros Melee, then there was Super Smash Bros Brawl, and now Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U.

This new installment to the beloved Nintendo fighting franchise has finally reared its head. Is it everything fans wanted from the next Smash Bros? Well, if you have been a fan of the franchise since the beginning like I am, then it most definitely is.

The series is where Nintendo takes characters from their most beloved franchises, such as Samus from Metroid, Link from The Legend of Zelda, and Mario from Mario, and you can play the characters and duke it out in a lovely one-on-one to four-on-four battle. This game is no different to others in the franchise, as it keeps its normal formula: a bunch of characters to unlock, cool stages, and items that can either make or break a game.

This new game is on the Nintendo 3DS, with a version of the Wii U coming out sometime before the year ends. In making the 3DS version portable, Nintendo inserted some flaws. The most fun part of the game is when you have a four-on-four battle royale against opponents. However, with each character on different parts of the map, the character models can get small and easy to lose on the screen.

And, finally, there’s the new mode, Smash Run; It’s fun, but flawed.What you do is run around a huge, expansive stage for five minutes, looking for items and abilities to use in a small match against three other players. While you’re collecting upgrades for speed and defense, the match at the end is randomized, so you can end up with all the wrong power-ups. The match can be a race, and you might’ve not collected enough speed upgrades, leaving you in the dust.

Unfortunately, while the game has a good online function, Smash Run is local only, which means you have to have people near you to play with others. If there’s an update in the future to fix this, then I will be happy.

Overall, Super Smash Bros for 3DS does everything a person would expect a Smash Bros. game should do.

Matthew J. Kerins | The Broadside



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