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Poetry in Public Places

Roses are red, violets are blue, COCC’s poetry class created this for you. This selection is the first in a term long series of poems selected and submitted by the college’s creative writing poetry class. Frozen Moments was chosen as a popular choice by the class.


Frozen Moments –By Lily Wisner

I breathe in the cold, crisp air

the bridge, lying across the river welcomes me

like a lover might

too trample and use

and say I was there.

So many have been there before me

their footprints have raped the virgin snow.

The river whines and beckons and I answer the

low, haunting cry.

With my thanks, I mar the fallen snow, as if I too

would leave my mark within her winter heart.

Frozen water clings to a fallen tree

The dead protecting the temporary

Irony too beautiful…too ghastly not to appreciate.

As the rush of the river races by,

I remember how fragile it all is.

I give thanks for what I feel in this passing moment.

Not for what I might have on some future day

Not for what I may have once known

But for only this moment.

The one racing by me now!

The next one may be too tragic, too precious, too late.




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