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COCC Honors National Coming Out Day

On October 13, the campus joined together to celebrate and honor National Coming Out day.
In recognition of the day, Central Oregon Community College hosted events to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender community and raise awareness of the LGBT civil rights movement.
Having National Coming Out Day fall on a day so close to the beginning of term has historically proven beneficial to the campus community, according to Karen Roth, director of Multicultural Activities at COCC.
“For new students and staff who may be wondering what the climate at COCC is like for individuals in the LGBT community, this helps to give them a sense that the campus is both respectful and welcoming,” Roth said.
National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11, is an internationally observed day to raise awareness of the LGBT community.
There are two main reasons COCC celebrates National Coming Out Day, according to, COCC instructor and COCC Gay Straight Alliance club advisor, Owen Murphy.
“The first is to show support and gratitude for the [LGBT] community. The second is to educate folks who may not know much about the issues that sexual minorities face. Greater awareness will hopefully lead to greater acceptance and, at the very least, equal rights,” Murphy said.

Molly Svendsen | The Broadside



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