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Team Landon cancer fundraising campaign gathers momentum

Central Oregon Community College students may begin to see a new fashion statement on campus. As students keep warm under blue and green beanies, they help support a cause led by the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College’s Team Landon campaign.

A minimum donation of $5 is needed for a beanie, but many are giving more.  Photo by Cullen Taylor | The Broadside.
A minimum donation of $5 is needed for a beanie, but many are giving more. Photo by Cullen Taylor | The Broadside.


Team Landon is a non-profit campaign led by ASCOCC’s Hailey Jorgensen to help raise funds for childhood leukemia research. The campaign was inspired by Landon, the three-year-old nephew of one of COCC’s campus patrol officers, Chris March. Landon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2013.

“A three-year-old has cancer and has three and a half years of treatment left ahead of him,” Kurt Killinger, ASCOCC’s director of legislative affairs, said in a previous interview. “He’s got more chemo in front of him than he’s been alive.”

The general idea of the campaign is to create awareness and help educate the community about leukemia while bringing people together, according to Jorgensen. To help generate awareness and show their support for Landon and his family, ASCOCC is giving away beanies to those who donate money to the Team Landon campaign. All of the money collected during the campaign will go towards leukemia research.

“We are accepting donations now,” Jorgensen said. “Donations of five dollars receive a Team Landon beanie, but we do encourage students to give more if they can afford it.”

Donations can be made in the ASCOCC office located on upper level of the Campus Center.

“Landon is not the only child suffering this fate,” Killinger said, “but this just hit close to home.”

At the end of the day, however, the success of the campaign relies on student and community participation, according to Killinger.

“Participation is the key to the success of this project,” Killinger said.
Those interested in further information about the Team Landon campaign are encouraged to contact Hailey Jorgensen at


Emily Kalei
The Broadside



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