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Funding approved for Native American club’s teepee

The teepee the First Nation Student Union has been asking for now has funds behind it. On Feb. 11, Central Oregon Community College student government approved $1000 toward the grand total of $2650. The remainder of the funding will come from the Native American program at COCC, according to Gina Ricketts, the program director.

“I think, for the Native American program, it’s a good way to show a commitment,” Ricketts said.

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Ricketts and the FNSU have already cleared the teepee’s use and storage through COCC’s administration, which was one of the main concerns the Associated Students of COCC had when Brandi Maddox, president of the FNSU, presented the budget to the council on Jan. 15.

Originally, when the FNSU asked for funds from ASCOCC beyond their annual budget, the council denied the request because they didn’t want to set a precedent of giving “massive allocations” to student clubs, Kurt Killinger, director of legislative affairs, told The Broadside in the Jan. 29 issue.

“We’re huge fans,” Killinger said in the Jan. 15 meeting. “My concern is that you guys have a $6,000 budget and then [the teepee] is $2,600 on top of that budget.”

So Ricketts decided to use money from her budget as director of the Native American program to supplement it, at which point ASCOCC committed $1000.

The teepee will be stored in the basement of Ochoco, according to Ricketts.

“Mike Beaulieu of Campus Services/Maintenance is building us a great storage area so it will be somewhat easy to take it in and out,” Ricketts said.

Ricketts believes that the Native American program needs to commit because of the legacy the teepee will leave.
“It’s going to be lasting,” Ricketts said. “It’ll be here forever whether I’m here or not.”


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The Broadside



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