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True: One Album, Different Genres

Avicii’s new album True is a highly addictive combination of musical talent. This album is more intricate than any other album I’ve listened to and is something I can now listen to repeatedly. Prior to hearing this album I listened to Avicii’s top single “Wake Me Up” and “Levels.” I found that with True the transitions between songs are seamless.

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This album is like a music burrito with a little bit of everything wrapped into one album. “Hey Brother,” a track with a particular western vibe, pairs well with bluegrass composer Dan Tyminski’s deep, meaningful vocals and demonstrates Avicii’s ability to bring different genres of music into one composition to flavor a listener’s musical experience throughout the entire album.

I also recommend True for anyone who likes to get up and dance. This is an upbeat album, meaning when you listen to it it will definitely keep you awake. There are great beats and lyrics with each of the songs in the album. In the song “Dear Boy,” for example, the lyrics tell a story that audiences can relate to.

In addition to relatable lyrics, the musical composition is a perfect platter of what everyone loves. Avicii’s decision to include other artists in his album is another quality that makes True such an impactful album. Throughout the album, listeners may hear other well-respected musicians, such as Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers, who sang with Avicii in the song “Lay Me Down.” Together in this particular song, Avicii and these two artists made a great song that keeps audiences engaged and entertained.

By listening to True I have gained a deeper appreciation for Avicii as an artist. True is an upbeat album that will keep listeners awake with the nagging temptation to get up and dance. I now have a deeper appreciation toward Avicii by listening to his new album True and I am

anxious to see what he will come up with next. True is an album to buy, download and share with your friends.

Scott Vollrath
The Broadside



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