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Weekly Top 5: Top 5 things you need to learn in community college

Top 5 things you need to learn in community college

How to manage a budget: When you graduate from college you’ll most likely have student loans to pay off. Balancing that with other expenses can be a challenge. To get help learning how to balance a budget, take an academic success class or talk to an advisor in the CAP center.

Time management: Between work, classes, and homework, college is the perfect time to learn to manage your time. Time management is a skill that will benefit you well beyond your college career. To learn to better balance your time, take a time management class at COCC or get tips from an advisor in the CAP center.

How to write: Whether you’re in business, nursing or firefighting, you’re going to need to know how to write professionally and communicate clearly, or at least more clearly than the other person who’s trying to get the job. Once you’ve met your prerequisites, hone your skills by working as an assistant with ASCOCC or a reporter at The Broadside.

How to speak in front of a crowd: If you take charge in a situation where you have to present something to a group, you’ll become that much more irreplaceable to your future manager. Learning to talk in front of a group improves your one-on-one communication with people as well. If you want to get better at public speaking beyond taking classes, become a student ambassador or join the local chapter of Toastmasters.

How to get scholarships and internships: Internships lead to jobs, jobs lead to careers, and careers are supposed to make you happy. So if you want to be happy, learn how to get free money and (hopefully) free internships. COCC pays for SALT, which is an online service that’s free for COCC students and helps find scholarships tailored specifically to you. Ask advisors at the CAP center for resources on internships.



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