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Rugby team kicks off second season

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Colton Nye chases down a ball carrier as the Bobcats tune up for the upcoming season.

Obtaining two wins before classes even began, the Bobcat rugby team is off to a strong start for this year’s tournaments.

The start of the team’s second season kicked off with a win for the Central Oregon Community Bobcats on Sept. 28. A day later on Sunday, Sept. 29, the Bobcats played against Western Oregon University and gained another win for this young team.

Intensive practices over the summer gave the team a better understanding of the game, according to coach Woody Bennett.

“It’s hard to understand [rugby] if you haven’t been brought up with it,” Bennett said. “Once [students] learn more about the game I think they’ll appreciate it more.”

This year the team is working towards the goal of winning league games, an important series of games for rugby players, according to Bennett.

“It’s a tough league,” Bennett said. “Coaches have come to me and asked if we remember what we were like last year and yes, I do. We’re going to be a lot better.”

Bobcat rugby player Greg Swazo hopes to build on the foundation the team laid last year to help them attain success during the fall 2013 season.

“Coming off last year it was a great experience,” Swazo said. “We definitely want to build on that foundation we created and make strides in making a better team and facing quality opponents.”

“We want to make this thing something that’s not just sustainable but something that’s going to be rewarded with wins,” Swazo said.

Teamwork is an essential part of rugby, according to Bennett.

“The team is still young, and may have a lot to work on, but they have an amazing support system,” Bennet said. “They understand what it takes this year and it’s a pleasure to watch them grow, it really is.”


-Kiley Cunningham



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