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Your Weekly Top 5: Unforgettable moments at COCC this year

Spring term is almost over, marking the end of the academic year. It also means that this is the last printed edition of The Broadside until fall. A lot has happened this year, so for our farewell issue here are five of the most memorable moments from the 2012-13 school year.
1. A hit and run brings down the doors at the Campus Center
Who can forget coming to school on Jan. 24 to find that one of the doors to the front of the Campus Center was missing? We later found out that the cause was a hit and run accident. Luckily no one was hurt, and repairs to the building didn’t take long.
2. Students do the Harlem Shake
No, that wasn’t just a bizarre dream, we remember it too. Even the COCC Bobcat joined students in the Campus Center on March 6 to act out the viral phenomenon.


3. ASCOCC makes The Broadside pay for half of a rental van
Remember when ASCOCC told The Broadside it had to pay for half of the van rental because reporters didn’t lobby while at the Capitol? And then it spurred that grumpy editorial. Talk about awkward.

4. Attempted robbery
COCC students were reminded to always be mindful of their surroundings on April 25, when an attempted robbery took place outside the Barber Library. Luckily the student was unharmed and did not lose any belongings.

5. COCC Confessions
What started out as a site mainly for gossip garnered serious attention when an anonymous tip about potential gun violence was posted on the Facebook confession page. The post put COCC and law officials on alert and spurred a growth in popularity for COCC Confessions.

–The Broadside staff




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