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Operation Don’t Go Broke: Listen to the music you love for less

Operation Don’t Go Broke is devoted to bringing readers helpful tips on ways to save in college.
If you love music but have a problem with stealing it, then you may not have much of a music collection. Music-lovers on a budget can rock out without breaking the bank by following these tips:

  • Share music with friends. Snag songs from your buddies’ music library by copying them onto a USB drive.
  • Burn your own cd’s. Compile a list of tracks and burn them to a disc that can be played in the car.
  • Free iTunes downloads. Check iTunes weekly for their free “single of the week.”
  • Public library. Browse and request CDs on the Deschutes Public Library’s website and on their “Freegal Music” site you’ll find many free music downloads.
  • Free summer concerts. This summer, spend your Sunday afternoons sprawled out on the grass at the Les Schwab Amphitheater for “Free Summer Sunday Concerts” sponsored by St. Charles. For more information visit:
  • Local live shows. Catch live shows at local breweries and restaurants. For up to date information go to 92.9’s “Live Music Line-up”
  • Online streaming. Stream music for free on Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and Pitchfork.

Summer Concert Essentials

Camera. Capture summer concert memories by snapping photos and recording video.

Easy to carry bag. A small “cross-body” bag is perfect for stashing your phone, keys and cash.

Designated driver. Ask a friend in advance to pick you up after the show or reserve a ride with Sober Dudes.

Sunblock. Count on being in the sun for hours, wear sunblock and bring some along to reapply after you’ve sweat through the first layer. Consider wearing a hat for added protection.

Blanket. You may want to spread a blanket out on the grass to lounge during slow songs.

Cash. Carry cash; you can’t count on the venue accepting credit/debit cards.

Sunglasses. Don’t let sunshine stop you from seeing the band front and center.

Water. Stay hydrated to avoid being escorted from the show on a stretcher.

Second year COCC nursing student Anna Quesenberry is a wife and mother of two who is passionate about saving money.





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