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President Jim Middleton speaks out about graffiti incident

President Jim Middleton addresses an instance of racist graffiti at COCC.
President Jim Middleton

Earlier this week, derogatory graffiti was discovered in the library restrooms on the COCC Bend Campus. Sadly, this graffiti included words that appear to target certain members of the campus community based on their race and sexual orientation. As we work to physically remove the graffiti, I want to assure students, faculty, staff and visitors that we will also continue our work to remove any bigotry on the campus. I applaud the countless members of our community who work daily to help everyone feel welcome here at COCC. Let’s use this incident as a reminder of the need to reach out to one another and offer our commitment to ensuring a safe and welcoming community for all.

To anyone who feels threatened by this action, I encourage you to contact the CAP Center to see a counselor, or connect with other members of the faculty and staff for assistance.

Our Principles of Community state that we reject “behaviors that compromise or demean the dignity of individuals or groups, including discrimination, intimidation and hazing, taunting, baiting, ridiculing, threatening, insulting and/or harassing other individuals.”  To read the full document, visit our website:

Thank you.”

-President Jim Middleton, COCC

If anyone has information that might be helpful to the investigation, they can contact the COCC Public Safety Office at 541-383-7272



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