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Lunchtime Lecture: What’s in the bag?

Students can feed their bodies and their brains at the Lunchtime Lecture series in Cascades Hall. The lunchtime series is hosted by Oregon State University-Cascades, and is free to the entire community.
Christine Coffin, director of Communications and Outreach at OSU-Cascades, believes that this is a way for the OSU-Cascades faculty to share what research they are currently working on.
Kaycee Robinson
The Broadside
“They [researchers] developed this series on their own,” Coffin said. “We just applied a little coordination to it.”
Sandy Brooke, associate professor of arts, considers the lecture series to be a way to encourage people to come and get to know the faculty of OSU-Cascades.
Brooke will be giving a lecture in April titled “Fate and Luck: A Series Crossing Boundaries,” which will discuss where ideas come from and if those ideas can be expressed across different paint mediums.
“When I plan, I don’t have a specific audience in mind,” Brooke said. She plans for everyone from students to community members.
This will be Brooke’s second lecture over the past three years.
Jesse King, assistant professor of business, gave his first lecture, titled “Helpful and Safe vs. Useless and Dangerous: Research on the Affect Heuristic” in February 2013. This lecture was about how people use their emotions to drive their judgment.
“It’s a chance for researchers to present their research to anyone who wants to come,” King said about the series.
When King prepared for his lecture he kept it so that anyone could come and understand what his research was about. Although King has only given one lecture he has attended multiple lectures as an audience member.
“It’s really interesting to go to them [lectures],” said King, “because they’re all different and it’s interesting to see the different academic disciplines.”
Coffin enjoys being a part of the series.
“It’s an absolute pleasure to share the work of our faculty with the outside world,” she said.



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