Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Will the sun come out tomorrow? Not without the help of students working behind the scenes of Annie at Bend High and The Pinckney Theater.
Scott Burch, the co-president of the Central Oregon Community College theater troupe and co-producer of Annie really enjoyed his time working with the children and said that he learned to have patience. “It’s really different working with smaller versions of you,”
Kaycee Robinson
The Broadside
Burch said. Each production will be different, according to Burch, because the show has two different casts and the roles are split up over different nights.
Though the COCC theatre troupe are only working behind the scenes, director of Student Life Gordon Price hopes they will take to the stage in the future. This will become a reality, according to Price, if COCC and Bend Experimental Art Theatre  continue with the partnership they’re beginning to forge.
“I don’t want a monetary [partnership], but one to raise awareness about theater,” Price said. He hopes that this partnership will bring more theater to COCC and increase the performance in the theater troupe.
The relationship between BEAT and COCC is a logical one, according to Howard Schor, director at BEAT. The theatre program has existed in Bend for eight years, and now many of the initial actors are now college aged. This is a good way for them to stay involved, according to Schor.
Working with COCC will also give BEAT the opportunity to expand on what they’re able to do, according to Schor.
“The partnership is going to allow for more experiences that we couldn’t do on our own because of our size,” said Schor. BEAT and the COCC theatre troupe are already collaborating on an April production, which will be performed by COCC students.
If you are interested in learning more about BEAT and acting opportunities at COCC, contact Schor at



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