Top 5 gifts for a college dorm student


1. A Betta fish. Fish are the only animals students are allowed to keep in Juniper Hall, according to Paul Amar, director at Juniper Hall. Betta fish make a great pet for the animal loving student. They don’t require full tank set ups and are easy to care for.

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2. Black light. Dorm students need a black light “to show off the Betta, of course,” said Amar. Even if students don’t have a fish they want to display, black lights make a good gift because they allow students to personalize their room without taking up too much space.
3. Mini fridge. Dorm students often thrive on a steady intake of energy drinks, according to Amar, and they need somewhere to store it all.
4. Quarters. If you’re looking to invest in a practical gift, a supply of quarters are always a necessity for dorm students, as the washing machines in Juniper Hall are coin operated.
5. Bicycle. For dorm students who don’t have cars, a bicycle is a great asset for when they need to travel off campus, according to Amar.

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Things to keep in mind when shopping for a dorm student
1. Durability: When shopping for a dorm student, you should avoid fragile gifts, according to Amar.
“Resident Hall students can break a lead ball in a rubber room,” he said.
2. Space limitations: Residents in Juniper Hall have limited space to store positions. Avoid gifts that take up a lot of room and cannot be stored easily.
3. Practicality: Sometimes the best gift you can get a student is something that will make their life easier. Take into consideration the needs of the student you’re shopping for and try to meet them.
4. Living quarters: Keep in mind that most dorm residents have a room mate, and all of them live in close quarters with other students. Your gift will see more use if it is something that can be used without disturbing others.



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