New sports program brings ski racing to OSU-Cascades

Photo by Rhyan McLaury The Broadside
Photo by Rhyan McLaury The Broadside
Updated Jan. 3, 2012
“It’s very unique to have an amazing winter wonderland just 20 miles up the road.”
-Bruce Petersen, OSU-Cascades Internship and Employment Coordinator.

 Mt Bachelor Update

Season total snowfall: 109″

Mid Mountain Depth: 208″

12 Hour snowfall: 0″
24 Hour snowfall: 0″
72 Hour snowfall: 0″

Upcoming Events: Charity Week at Mt. Bachelor Jan. 7-10, 14-17

$25 vouchers available from these locations: MBSEF, Sparrow Club, Saving Grace, Oregon Adaptive Sports or CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children).

“Take advantage of the numerous opportunities locals have to get reduced rate charity tickets that are a great deal and at the same time benefit non-profit local charity.” -Andy Goggins, Mount Bachelor’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

New sports program brings ski racing to OSU-Cascades

Anna Quesenberry
The Broadside

Students will have the opportunity to show off their skills on the mountain and compete in Oregon State University-Cascades club sports this winter.

“We have world class facilities,” said Bruce Petersen, OSU-Cascades’ Internship and Employment Coordinator. “It’s very unique to have an amazing winter wonderland just 20 miles up the road.”
Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation, the non-profit organization who presents the “Pole, Pedal, Paddle” competition each year, has joined with OSU-Cascades to offer winter sports, including alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding and freestyle.
MBSEF has been facilitating races for over 25 years, according to Petersen.
“They have former Olympian coaches,” said Petersen. “So rather than us trying to do this all on our own, we looked to a partner that has all of the infrastructure, knowledge and expertise.”
The partnership has helped get the club sports program launched, according to Petersen.
Petersen has been volunteering on the club sports program for the past two years.
“It’s just so crucial for us to have sports as a college campus,” said Petersen.
A sports task force was formed by OSU-Cascades to evaluate 30 different sports, according to Petersen.
Criteria was based on whether the sport would “drive enrollment, campus spirit and community spirit,” said Petersen.
Skiing and cycling stood out during the assessment, according to Petersen.
Sports currently offered at OSU-Cascades are considered to be individual sports, but Petersen doesn’t want to label them that way because each individual will be competing as a part of a team.
“Dave Turnbull, the track coach at Summit High School, totally changed my perspective on individual sports,” said Petersen. “Summit wins the state championship in track almost every year; they dominate. They’re a team. That’s how they interact and they do a lot of team bonding.”
Petersen recruited Turnbull to serve on OSU-Cascades’ sports task force.
Spring-sports offered will include mountain biking and cyclocross, which involves participants riding a “cross-bike” on specially designed tracks.
“Over time we will most likely add some other sports,” said Petersen.
Central Oregon Community College students who are dually enrolled and have been admitted to OSU-Cascades are also encouraged to participate in the club sports program.
Alpine and Nordic Collegiate Races are the first events scheduled to be held on Jan. 26-27 at Mount Bachelor. Skiers from throughout the northwest will compete and OSU-Cascades will also be having on-campus activities those days to support the teams, according to Petersen.
It costs $100 to join OSU-Cascades’ club sports program, which does not include the price of a season pass at Mount Bachelor.
“What they’re getting for that is pretty unbelievable,” said Petersen. “Just when you think of the transportation up to the mountain and back, the coaching they’re getting and the training.”
Not all students are aware winter sports has been added to the club sports program at OSU-Cascades.
“I didn’t even know there was a team,” OSU-Cascades student, Tyler Vatten said.
Vatten has been snowboarding for three years and is interested in participating in racing and freestyle events.
“I would love to go to the mountain and make an idiot of myself,” Vatten said.
Students interested in competing should email the club sports program at .
“Right out of the gate we will be very competitive,” said Petersen, “because we have some of the best possible training facilities that you can imagine.”



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