Things go bump in the night at Redmond Hotel


Working in the same building as the supposedly haunted New Redmond Hotel can be a creepy experience, according to John Cox, owner of Arnold’s Malt Shoppe and Pizzeria.

The hotel, located in downtown Redmond, was rebuilt in 1928, after the original was destroyed by a fire just one year prior, according to the building’s Heritage Walk Plaque, provided by The Redmond Historical Commission. The fire destroyed two blocks of the downtown core, including 12 businesses.
Cox began witnessing unexplained happenings shortly after opening the restaurant, and he suspects they have something to do with the supposedly haunted hotel.
“A couple of weeks after we moved in, music albums started shifting and falling off the walls,” said Shasta Olsen, an employee at the pizzeria. Customers to the restaurant have also reported ‘ghost sightings,’ according to Olsen.
“There was a guy here the other night. The customer said, ‘this place is haunted. I just saw a ghost run by me, then into the kitchen.’ ” said Olsen.
For Cox and Olsen, these events have become a part of everyday life at the pizzeria. They’ve even named the ‘ghost’ that supposedly haunts the building.“There are random noises, doors that open and close, lights that turn on and off,” Olsen said. “We call it Ralph.”
Cox confirmed the presence of strange noises in the building. He said noises can usually be heard coming from the back of the kitchen, or in the upstairs office.
“You can hear little kids running up and down the stairs,” said Cox, “it sounds like girls.”


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