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Bom Dia: Local coffee shop means a good day for customers

Beau Beach, owner of Bom Dia coffee, is eager to brew your next cup of coffee. (Photo by Derek Oldham)

Kirsteen Wolf
The Broadside

Beau Beach loves coffee almost as much as he loves people.
Walk into Bom Dia coffee shop and you feel like you have been invited into his home.
“That was the goal,” said Beach, Bom Dia owner. “We want you to feel like you’re in our living room.”
Beach started the business three years ago by working 110 hours a week with his brother working a few hours too. Three months later, he and his wife had a baby. They now have two children but Beach’s work week is around 60 hours.
“That feels like part time to me,” he said.
Beach has patience. He planted vines that will eventually cover the acoustic music stage on the porch that was built last year. He can already picture the way it will look. He has plans for a new style of coffee called a “pour over.” It’s a small paper filter with enough coffee for customer to brew a custom cup. He can already envision how the shop will be set up.
But it’s the customer service that sets him apart. With four employees, the training to work at Bom Dia is rigorous from learning about coffee varieties to being kind to customers.  Beach serves pastries, bagels, local teas, smoothies, beer and wine. On Thursday and Friday evening, there’s chocolate or cheese fondue. The atmosphere is “chill.”
Since he started “half off Mondays” for students and faculty, he’s noticed a lot of new traffic. For those looking for a friendly face, a comfortable atmosphere to study or a place to listen to music and enjoy a Bend evening, the shop down the hill might be a new home away from home.
“A lot of our customers, we consider family.”




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