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Spring brings BBQs, politics and hiring to ASCC

Noah Hughes
The Broadside

With the spring term already in full swing, the Associated Students of the Cascades Campus have a full agenda for the students of both Oregon State University Cascades and Central Oregon Community College.Volunteer fairs, pizza and politics and a spring BBQ are some of the events being handled by the student government. A top priority is the hiring of new student government members.
ASCC successfully ran a Pizza and Politics event on the Oregon State University Cascades Campus on April 19.  The event went very well, according to Kate Roth, ASCC marketing and public relations coordinator.  Over 150 students showed up and the pizza was gone in 15 minutes.
The spring BBQ is tentatively scheduled to occur on May 22, from 11 to 1:30 p.m., according to Taylor Bacci, ASCC activities coordinator.  The BBQ will feature live music, catering by Pilot Butte Burgers and “getting acquainted” games to give students a chance to meet with student committees and leadership, according to Betty Bagley, ASCC secretary and treasurer.    They are also planning another activity fair in May, the date to be announced.
Of particular interest to ASCC is the hiring of new student government members to start in next year’s fall term.  Unlike the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College, the ASCC does not hold formal elections for new student government members, according to Bagley.
“We take applications and they are reviewed by the current ASCC, the Student Fee Committee and the Administration Leaders,” said Bagley.  “We’re just not a big enough campus to hold formal elections.”
As of April 18, they had more than 12 applications turned in and need to fill six positions.  The application deadline, however, has been extended to May 4. Training the new members will be a high priority this term, according to Caroline Ervin, ASCC president.
Members of ASCC feel that they have been very successful with this year as a student government, according to Kate Roth.
“I think this team has been the most successful for a long time,” said Roth.  “We’re very cohesive, have met all goals we’ve expected to and have gotten more students invested in volunteering in the community. Over 100 students have volunteered this year.”




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