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Council announces five new members at spring BBQ

Noah Hughes
The Broadside

With their final events of the year wrapping up, the student government members of Oregon State University-Cascades are hoping to prepare those hired to take their place for next year.
On May 29, the Associated Students of Cascade Campus held their spring barbecue, one of the final big events of the year, where they announced the names of the newly hired student government members.
Before the event took place, ASCC activities coordinator Taylor Bacci expressed her hope that there would be a large turnout from both OSU-Cascades and Central Oregon Community College students.
“It would be nice to have both student governments involved, they’ll probably have their new hires there too,” said Bacci.

At the event, ASCC welcomed Bob Eberhard, of Eberhard’s Dairy, as their guest speaker. He was presented with a thank-you card and met with the new student government members.
The barbecue was catered by Pilot Butte burgers and activities included a dunk tank and various games with prizes. Prizes for the games included a Kindle Fire, a picnic basket filled with beach supplies and Hydro Flask water bottles.
All but one position has been filled for the new student government, according to Caroline Irvin, ASCC’s president.  The members still need to hire next year’s program coordinator, a position that requires ten hours a week of dedicated work as well as the responsibility of the campus’s coffee and bagels and childcare subsidy programs.
In order to prepare the new council for what to expect, each member of ASCC is preparing a handbook that details their position and acts as a guide for the new student government members, according to Irvin. Both Irvin and Megan Knight, ASCC’s vice president, suggested adding a list of committees available for student leadership.
“The position handbooks are something we’ve been working on all year,” said Irvin. “It’s something that’s never been done before.”




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