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Bachelor of Arts majors tackle portraits

From left; Yellow Portrayal, Untitled Portrayal, La Bella Rosa, by Jordan Barendse. Medium: Acrylic.(Photo by Patrick Iler)

The Broadside

The Oregon State University-Cascades Bachelor of Fine Arts show is as varied in its entirety as are many of the pieces in an artist’s series. Works were created from charcoal, acrylic, watercolor mixed media, colored pencil, collage, ink and photograph. Some pieces are whimsical, some political, while others are understated in color and line and others revel in “molecular chaos.”

Norma Jean Baker by Lindsay Morgan-Duran. Medium Oil. (Photo by Patrick Iler)

Each artist expressed thanks to  the influences of past artists—from Chuck Close to Warhol—in their artist’s statements and all reflected on art and their intent for the show.
“Art is woven into our existence at such a fundamental level that, like atoms, it’s possible to overlook the fact that it’s there,” said Brook Hewitt.
When you recognize an artist’s work from across the room, student Rich Bassett feels it’s because you are familiar with that artist’s “personal style.” He encourages all artists to honor their own style.
“Embrace it, learn to refine it and when you no longer fear rejection or criticism, share your style with the world,” he said.
The show runs from May 10 to June 16 in the Central Oregon Community College Library Rotunda Gallery.

Jordan Barendse Untitled Portrayal #1 Medium: Acrylic (Photo by Patrick Iler)
Jordan Barendse Untitled Portrayal #1 Medium: Acrylic (Photo by Patrick Iler)

Lost in Autumn by Brook Hewitt. Medium: Mixed Media. (Photo by Patrick Iler)




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