Time management for students

Create a calendar for the term. Create a calendar for the week. Fill time in between classes wisely.  Do first things first.  Plan rewards for yourself and schedule down time.
Derek Oldham | The Broadsdie

1. Create a calendar for the term
Write down all of your midterms, quizzes and projects due in your classes. Nothing is worse than missing something important. You’ll also be able to see crunch times in your term and schedule to accommodate them.

2. Create a calendar for the week
You’ll want to know which times are flexible (social time, relaxation) and which times are inflexible (eating, classes, meetings, work, appointments). Although study time can be changed, you should schedule it just like an appointment. Show up on time. Study as soon after class as possible.

3. Fill time in between classes wisely
Studying during the day in a brightly lit library is better than waiting until 11 p.m. with a cup of coffee.


4. Do first things first
Go back to your calendar and when you sit down to study, you’ll know your priorities.

5. Plan rewards for yourself and schedule down time
Psychology 101. With some positive reinforcement you might even look forward to studying.


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