‘Reunion’ adds mature twist to juvenile humor


Kriss Hobbs
The Broadside

Stifler (Sean William Scott), left, and Jim (Jason Biggs) do a few shots in “American Reunion.”

American Reunion will draw you in and leave you feeling  awed and satisfied. If you have followed the “American Pie” franchise through the ‘90s and into the 21st century, then you have fully prepared yourself for the raunchy surprises that occur in the latest sequel.
The film stars the cast from the original series celebrating their ten year high school reunion. Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) struggles through fatherhood and keeping his marriage alive. His friends go through their own set of grown-up problems before the big reunion. What’s so admirable about the “American Pie” series is that you not only get unique, animalistic humor, but also love. This film, as well as the previous ones, contain a lovable and humorous plot that attract both men and women. The “American Pie” films follow the story of five boys as they become men and find romance in unexpected places, such as in the arms of a band geek, a choir chick and a “MILF.”
Although the characters have put on their big boy pants and abandoned their partying ways, this movie is far from being PG rated.
The creators of the American Pie series know how to take it too far in all the right ways. This film begins earning its R rating at the beginning of the film all the way until the credits roll and even beyond that point. The original cast has returned once again to bring on nudity, obscenity, and Stifler’s usual smutty vocabulary. When it comes to “American Pie,” you can’t expect anything less. The cast brings back their infamous humor that by the end of the film will have you shouting MILF, MILF, MILF!

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