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OSU-Cascades follows COCC’s weapons policy

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Those wishing to carry guns on campus could be impacted by a recent policy change within the Oregon University System. The policy change was in response to a September ruling stating that the Oregon Board of Higher Education’s ban on firearms was in violation of the state’s Concealed Carry Act.
The ban was challenged by the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, according to a Sept. 28 2011 KTVZ report, on the grounds that it violates state law. The Oregon University System issued a press release expressing disappointment in the ruling.
“We will continue to review the opinion in order to consider future options to protect the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors,” said OUS chancellor George Pernsteiner in the press release.
Recent policy changes state that possession of firearms on property owned or controlled by Oregon State University is prohibited, except for university sanctioned use, according to Division 65 of the Oregon State Archives.
University officials in Oregon recently enacted policies allowing guns on campus, but not in “buildings, including classrooms, dormitories, event centers and dining halls,” according to a March 8 article in the Washington Times.
Oregon State University-Cascades follows the policies of Central Oregon Community College.
“OSU-Cascades Campus… leases a building from Central Oregon Community College and has an agreement with COCC, saying they’ll abide by its rules,” according to the KTVZ report. “COCC has regulations banning firearms and any ammunition on campus



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