ASCOCC makes quick work of recent business


Noah Hughes
The Broadside

Student government members sped through funds requests from clubs and programs, two new club requests and discussion of the budget in their 30 minute April 16 meeting. Included in the discussion was the Rotary Club of Greater Bend who hopes to get their message out to the campus community with the help of the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College.
Speaking for the Rotary Club, Karin Hilgersom, vice president for instruction at COCC, approached ASCOCC with the offer to be involved with a Rotaract club based in the Central Oregon community. Rotaract clubs are heavily involved with local organizations, such as non-profits, and strive to benefit the communities, according to Hilgersom. The age group for Rotaracts is between 18-30, and have a lower membership fee compared to standard Rotary Clubs.
“Rotary gives you the chance to meet so many great people, and help a lot of people out,” said Hilgersom.  “Rotaract is much more looser than standard Rotary, for the younger population trying to start careers or having kids.”
ASCOCC voted to give the Rotaract club a table for recruitment during a Club Fair campus event May 8, between 11 and 1 p.m.
Two new clubs were approved: a political group called the Campus Conservatives and a branch of Youth for Ron Paul.
ASCOCC approved several funds requests.
Jefferson County Cultural Enrichment Club received $350 for a bowling event, provided all profits from the event are deposited in to the general funds.
First Nation Student Union received $600 for t-shirts for their Salmon Bake.  The profits from the t-shirt sales will go to scholarship donations.
Latino Club received $1500 for their Cinco de Mayo event.
Finishing business included an update on ASCOCC’s planned carnival. According to Kyder Olsen, ASCOCC marketing and events coordinator, they have yet to determine the cost for the event from Clowns Unlimited, the company providing the services, such as a dunk tank and bounce houses.  The student government will be trying to get a price estimate from the company.
Finishing touches are being made to the budget for next year.  There were still some details to work out, according to Joaquin Rodriquez, ASCOCC budget and community coordinator.  They discussed whether to keep money unallocated or distribute it to promotion for events.
“There was some discussion about whether to keep some funds allocated or not, and to add a line for professional development,” said Rodriquez.  “So far, we’ve decided to distribute more money under promotions.”



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