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A Chick Flick ‘Gone’ Awry

Kriss Hobbs
The Broadside

“Gone” might not be worth your time if you’re looking for an Academy Award winner. However, if you’re interested in a chick flick that trades in romance for mystery and thrill, this may be the film for you.
Amanda Seyfried plays Jill, a young girl desperate to find her sister and prove that experience and memory can overpower evidence. The police immediately label Jill as insane, but she stops at nothing to prove them wrong. She disobeys authority in order to establish justice and keep her sister alive.
The beginning of the movie heightens your curiosity as Jill intensely searches the forest and marks off the places she has been already. At this point you are suspicious as to whether she is looking for someone, or some place.
Jill is a troubled girl with a serious attitude and determined personality. Her determination is proved from the beginning by her constant need to learn and master self-defense. When her sister goes missing, she finds that the authorities refuse to help her or even believe her. She sets off on a solo crusade. Jill’s determination to find her sister and abductor leads her to several impulsive actions. There are parts in the movie that will make you jump, raise your heart rate and leave you entertained and intrigued.
An interesting sidenote: The forest used in “Gone” has a remarkable resemblance to the one used in the film “Twilight.” Since it worked so well in “Twilight,” Summit Entertainment—the studio of both movies—must have assumed it would work for any movie.
Throughout the movie, viewers are left wondering if the sister will be found and if there was ever an abductor in the first place. The film raises the question: Do we believe someone’s cry for help or is it easier to just label them crazy? It may not be top at the box office, but it is an engaging story with an affective message.




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