Student Focus: Following in her father’s footsteps


When Ruby Patterson’s father, a geologist and a “Texas oil man,” mentioned he would love to have one of his two girls working with him, she decided that would be her.

by Scott Greenstone
The Broadside

COCC student Ruby Patterson

Patterson grew up in San Antonio in a strong relationship with both of her parents and can relate happy memories from her childhood.

“I would like to be a petroleum engineer and work with my dad,” Patterson said. “I’m very close to my dad and he has his own business, so he’s the inspiration for that choice,” she said.

However, if Patterson comes to the decision that she can’t complete an engineering degree, her other inspiration is yoga.

“I would love to have my own yoga studio—or even a yoga retreat! That’s my secret dream,” she said.

Despite having just been introduced to the discipline less than a year ago, Patterson just received her license to teach it.

“At first, my reasons for practicing yoga were totally about the physical side. I wanted to be the best,” she said. “I started to realize that there’s no such thing as being the best in yoga. That’s not even a word that’s used in the studio—it’s about the individual, not the competition. I had a problem making that mental shift because I was an athlete in San Antonio, and I had never experienced physical activity just for the self-fulfillment.”

Whatever path she decides to take, Ruby Patterson said she will have a hard time leaving Bend.

“It’s like paradise. You can go around the track and see this beautiful view that you’d have to go miles to see in San Antonio,” said Patterson.

She describes herself as a “Westside girl,” and considers Bend to be her home.

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