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Food Bank extends to other campuses

William James
The Broadside

Students in need can look to the food bank provided by the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College. As of winter term, food bank services have extended to Redmond, Prineville and Madras.
The student government accepts donations from students who received free WinterFest buttons as well as students who attend ASCOCC’s monthly Bowling Nights. ASCOCC also accepted donations from COCC’s Criminal Justice Club.
The food bank on the Bend campus is well stocked with not only food but other necessities such as toothpaste, toilet paper and cleaning products, said Brandi Jordan, ASCOCC’s outreach coordinator. Jordan said that donations are welcome at all times.
“We always appreciate everybody that offers to help,” said Jordan.
COCC students interested in using the food bank can fill out an application available on the ASCOCC page of the COCC website. Students can expect to receive a bag full of canned goods such as fruit, soups, vegetables and dry goods as well as other items depending on what is donated, according to the campus website.
Food banks will also open on the Redmond and Madras campuses.
Basically, they’re a mirror image of what we’re doing here,” said Michael Biermann, ASCOCC’s fiscal and operations coordinator.
In Prineville, three students have already used the bank’s services, according to Kelly Huskey, ASCOCC’s branch campus coordinator.
“Once they recognize that we are local and they don’t have to go all the way to Bend to get assistance,” said Huskey, “I think it’s going to be very successful.”
Although stocks are low, said Biermann, the food bank won’t be discontinued.
“It’s not in danger of going away anytime soon,” said Biermann.  “It’s mainly due to the amount of people that are applying for assistance.”
ASCOCC has been looking into ways to get more donations for the food bank according to Biermann, such as asking for donations as admission into ASCOCC sponsored events.
“Donations at events are more consistent than people just coming in off the street,” he said.




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