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ASCOCC balances new clubs, budget and fund requests

Noah Hughes    
The Broadside

Allocation of budget became the main theme at the Feb. 6 meeting of the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College.  Also on the table were forms for new clubs.
A bin for recycling glass was needed for the library, to replace one that went missing in November.  With a cost of $300, Michael Biermann, the fiscal and operations coordinator, wondered if there were a less expensive option.  According to Taran Underdal, the ASCOCC advisor, they may need to do an assessment of the situation to help with decision making.
In order to assist with their science and chemistry fairs, the science department is trying to buy fifty easels.  Student government decided to grant them their request to purchase fifteen of these easels at a cost of $750.  These easels could be used for years to come after they are purchased, according to Brandi Jordan, outreach coordinator.
“I think it’s a great idea; a good way to help students,” said Jordan.
The college is purchasing three ID printers for the Redmond Campus.  According to Kelly Huskey, the branch campus coordinator, these printers can help over 1500 students by being able to print student IDs and act as a standard printer and copy machine.  The school made a request from the student government to subsidize one of the printers.  Without the known cost and additional details, the council decided to abstain from making a decision just yet, until Huskey could bring a faculty member in to explain the fine points.
Several request for funds were granted by ASCOCC to clubs and programs. Among them:
The Massage Club was granted $192 to send 12 students to the Body World exhibit at OMSI in Portland.  They were also granted $360 they requested for t-shirt they could use for events.
The Black Student Union was given $300 for their upcoming potluck. This event is to be held in Wille Hall on Monday, Feb. 27, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
The Jefferson County Cultural Enrichment Club was granted $150 for t-shirts and $300 for a bowling event.

Additionally, many new clubs are forming on campus, including a Creative Writing Club.
ASCOCC handles the approval of all these new clubs, and members are excited to see so many students getting involved in student life.
“We have so many clubs now, it’s almost too hard to keep track of all of them,” said Biermann. “And that’s a great thing.”




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