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Add-on adds action, fun to ‘Saints Row: The Third’

Isaac Newby
The Broadside

The Mission pack "Genkibowl VII" for "Saints Row: The Third" is now available for download.

Game developer Volition, Inc. unflinchingly throws out more of their signature over-the-top action in “Genkibowl VII,” the first downloadable content offering for Saints “Row: The Third.” This DLC gives you a chance to expand further on the action packed side missions slipped in so well to the full game.
The pack adds four new mission types: Apocalypse Genki, Sad Panda Skyblazing, Sexy Kitty Yarngasm, and Super Ethical PR Opportunity. Each mission breaks down into four varieties: introductory, easy, medium, and hard (also known as #@&%, THIS IS RIDICULOUS).
Apocalypse Genki, Sexy Kitty Yarngasm, and Sad Panda Skyblazing all have counterparts already present within the game, so anyone just starting out will have a fairly easy learning curve for each activity. Sad Panda Skyblazing is easily the standout among the four, exploding with brightly colored skydiving throughout the city, interspersed with exploding helicopters/jump jets, mascots, and obstacles. Imagine Superman in a panda costume with more explosions. The skydiving mixed with Mission Impossible style action in the Sad Panda activities make up for other activities that come across as re-scripted preexisting side missions throughout the DLC.
Overall, Genkibowl VII is a fun addition to the ridiculousness that is Saints Row: The Third. This mission pack is priced at $6.99, or 560 Microsoft points, as a one-time purchase, or as a free download with the Saints Row season pass. The download is thin on new missions added, but the quality of the missions, the outfits and vehicles added still make it an enticing buy. The gameplay added can basically be gone through in about two hours. It adds the challenge, however, of having to complete specific parts of the DLC to unlock the whole package, so it does draw the gameplay out by challenging you in this unique way. If you’re a fan of Saints Row: The Third, this is a solid package worth a playthrough.




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