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Kathryn Tillenburg
The Broadside

Welcome back to school, Central Oregon Community College and Oregon State University of the Cascades students! It may have been a few weeks, years, or decades since some of us last attended a writing class, and the citing rules may have changed. On The Side wants to help ensure student success, so here are some resources to make that first research paper of the term a little less daunting.

The Oregon School Library Information System, http://elementary. this site says, “You can use this tool to create a Works Cited list of research sources following the Modern Language Association, standard citation format.” In fact the site allows students to choose MLA or American Psychological Association formats. One simply has to click on a list of choices and then fill in the information. The draw back is if a student does not have all the information they must find it somewhere else.

EasyBib, also helps create a Works Cited page. The layout is simple and it also allows students to choose the preferred format. The extra feature this site has is that it will locate missing information. The site says that “ EasyBib offers over 55 different citation options – the full list is accessible on the final tab”. The draw back is that the site is full of pop up advertisements and often has loud videos that auto play when opened. Save yourself the embarrassment and turn the computer’s sound off.

For those who are asking themselves “What is a Works Cited page?” a Works Cited page also known as a Bibliography page is a list of sources used to compile essays, research papers and other academic writings. defines bibliography as “a list of source materials that are used or consulted in the preparation of a work or that are referred to in the text”. These pages and the in text citations that refer to them are what keep students, professors, and writers in general from being plagiarists. Proper formatting helps readers to identify what sources are being referred to. So use these resources and don’t be a plagiarist. They should help to be more successful in future writing ventures.

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