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Thirteen votes eliminated from election results

Elections for the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College took place from May 16-19 and resulted in a reelection of Matt Coito who has served three years on the student government as well as two new comers Brandi Jordan and Kyder Olsen.

In response to questions regarding possible issues surrounding the election including votes counted after voting should have ended, votes cast for less than three or more than three candidates and possible missing votes, Director of College Relations, Ron Paradis responded in an email.

“We have eliminated 13 votes – 6 for voting after the deadline and 7 for voting for more than three people. We are reconfirming all of this tomorrow and will then provide the results of the recount. We will count those who voted for fewer than three candidates. There is nothing wrong or illegal about voting for fewer than three candidates. We told people to vote for three because we thought the system worked only if someone voted for exactly three.,” he said



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