How do I stay focused during spring term



Many students at Central Oregon Community College don’t take summer classes, so the end of Spring term marks the end of their school year.

Well, spring term is now about halfway over and with the prospect of a break from classes, homework and the dreaded parking lots looming so near, some students may find it difficult to stay focused on their classes.

After all, the sun is shining, when it’s not snowing that is, and it’d be much more fun to be outside enjoying it than studying chemistry.

However, there is still half a term to get through and you’ll regret slacking off when grades come in at the end of the term, so here are three tips on how to get through the last part of Spring quarter.

Don’t skip classes.
It may seem tempting to skip a class just this once so you can enjoy the outdoors or spend time with friends, but it’s not a good idea.

Professors don’t tend to waste class time, especially at this point in the term, so if you skip even once you’re likely to miss something big.

Once you’re trying to play catch up, you can wave bye-bye to any free time you might have had otherwise.

Designate time for homework and for yourself.
Set aside two hours to get through as much homework as you can, but then let yourself have some fun. Otherwise you’ll resent all the time spent working and find it more difficult to focus.

Keep your goals in mind.
Right now you might resent your school work for keeping you from having fun, but just keep in mind what all of this work is going to earn for you: a degree, a better job, etc.

Remembering this will make it easier to focus because you’ll be eager to come closer to meeting your goal.

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