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Madhappy brings Portland based hiphop to Bend

Sapient, along with DJ Nyjon and IAME of Sandpeople, will be playing at Madhappy Lounge on April 17
Courtesy: Kit Crenshaw |
Sapient, along with DJ Nyjon and IAME of Sandpeople, will be playing at Madhappy Lounge on April 17

Josh Ballou
The Broadside

Madhappy Lounge is making the back to school process a little easier with Portland based hip-hop artist Sapient, DJ Nykon and special guest IAME of Sandpeople. They will hit Bend on April 17.

Sapient is Northwest independent hip-hop at its best. Fun, intelligent, versatile rhymes delivered with a hint of whimsy over great tracks.

Producing tracks, spittin’ rhymes and performing has helped Sapient solidify himself as a force to be reckoned with on stage.

I caught up with Sapient to find out what exactly we can expect when he hits Bend.

“I work closely in my live set with DJ Nykon. We do our best to provide hyper energy, and work hard to get the crowd churning whether it’s 50 or 500 people,” said Sapient. “I always try to give you my best.”

Sapient has been to Bend several times.

“Yeah, I love Bend,” said Sapient. “I played like three or four shows there in 2010, last time I was through was last October. [This] will be the last show out of Portland for a while, I am expecting my second kid on May 24th. So I’ll be home for a while. Looking forward to rocking Bend!”

This show will, without doubt, offer a nice opportunity to release a little steam after the first few weeks of Spring term chaos.

The Madhappy Lounge is the hip new spot in Bend for local talent and their swank little den will be a nice place to rock out with this producer, writer, rapper extraordinaire. Sapient’s flow and style will only enhance the groovy surroundings of the Madhappy Lounge.

If you love discovering new music and great atmosphere then come out and hang with me for Sapient, DJ Nykon and IAME.

If you want to get to know Sapient before the show or you’re already a fan check him out online at He has 12 projects represented online and three are available free to download, plus there are several videos and other merchandise. Check him out and we can become fans together.

Josh Ballou can be reached at


Madhappy Lounge
850 NW Brooks St.

April 17

Sapient’s EPK –
(YouTube video)

Sapient’s Latest album:
“Barrels for Feathers” –
( download)

Sapient’s website –



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