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Hey On The Side,
What would be the costof starting a Club football team at COCC?
Sports Fan

Hey Sports Fan, what a great question. Matthew Coito, from the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community
College is the Clubs Coordinator, he would be a great person to chat with and hash out your plans for the club. According to Coito there is no cost to start any kind of club at COCC, which is awesome news.

There are a few requirements that need to be met to start a club, so read the next part carefully. Coito says
“To start a club we need four founding members, an advisor, and at least one of the members needs to read the
club manual; and sign the club contract. The club contract just says they read and understand the manual.” So if anyone out there was planning to start a self admiration club, sorry but no clubs of one.

Finally all set to start a club, but now its time to find some funds to do club-like, things right? Coito mentions that, “Clubs can also get donations from the public or do a fundraiser. We also offer advertising money to all clubs and programs each term.” What about the money from student fees though? In order to get a piece of the pie set up
for student clubs, a club must submit some paper work to ASCOCC, who will vote to see which clubs will get funds and
for what.

Seems pretty easy to start a club. So if you’re interested in getting a group of like minded people together for fun and/
or intellectual conversations, make an appointment to see Matthew Coito at the ASCOCCoffice in the student center.

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