Campus Under Construction

A Excavator Lifts Large stone at the Science Building site (1)-Patrick Iler
Patrick Iler | Broadside
A backhoe displaces rocks in the excavation site process at the Sceince Building construction site making room for the exterior walls

Patrick Iler
The Broadside

With dump trucks driving across College Way, backhoes lifting up large rocks and flaggers slowing down traffic, Central Oregon Community College advances through its fifth month of construction on campus.

The new 47,000 square-foot Health Careers building, under construction next to the bookstore, is developing at a rapid pace, changing appearance by the week. The site currently looks different than it does in these photos, taken last Wednesday.

In these photos construction workers are “starting to form and pour the west stairwell,” said Construction Director Gene Zinkgraf.

Meanwhile, the 45,000 square-foot Science building, located below the Deschutes building, moves on through its early stages, having just completed the heavy, campus-shaking digging.

“They just finished up mass excavation,” said Zinkgraf. “That’s what all the shaking up there was.”

In the photos of the Science building site, construction workers were forming the exterior walls, said Zinkgraf. The next step is pouring these walls.

Construction is also underway on the Jungers Culinary Center, located at the southwest corner of the campus near the intersection of Mount Washington and Shevlin Park Road.

For more information, visit the COCC construction page at

Health and Careers Building-Patrick Iler
Trucks and other vehicles are clustered around the Sceince building construction site


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