ASCOCC’s new constitution is now in place


Tobey Veenstra
The Broadside
The final step in the lengthy clarification process between the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College and the college took place last week when the Board of Directors approved the proposed constitution during their April13 meeting.

ASCOCC members were pleased with the Board’s decision.

“It’s what we expected,” said ASCOCC member Brenda Pierce.

The constitution contained revisions made by ASCOCC members and college officials in a joint initiative, which began in Fall 2010. The new constitution was recommended for Board approval by a majority of students through a vote on Blackboard between April 5 and 8.

In total, 349 out of over 7,000 eligible students voted on the constitution, a number that disappointed COCC President Jim Middleton, administration and ASCOCC members.

COCC also welcomed student comments on the constitution and although there was some feedback, no substantive recommendations were received, according to the April 13 budget committee meeting packet.

“None of those were really structural, major issues,” said Middleton.

Before the constitution’s presentation to the Board, the ASCOCC council was also expected to ratify it during an April 8 meeting but failed to do so.

“That’s my fault that that wasn’t on the agenda I was a little disoriented,” said ASCOCC member Terry Link during the Board meeting.

“It was going to be ratified … we’re all on board.”

The $1.50 per credit student activity fee and $0.25 per credit green energy fee were also ratified during the Board meeting, marking the first time in several years that the Board has formally ratified the fees. The Board intends to make student fee ratification an annual issue.

This formal approval on the constitution from the Board will facilitate a May election of 2011-12 ASCOCC members under the new constitution, according to the April 13 budget committee meeting packet.

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