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A fun spring break that’s easy on your wallet

Bethany Hargrove
The Broadside

Spring break is almost upon us, and while you may already have epic plans, not everyone can spend spring break on a sexy beach with sexy people, right? This spring break, I invite you to join me in alternative and possibly geeky pursuits that will undoubtedly make your spring break memorable, if not simply unconventional.




Have a cult classic marathon
Gathering other like minded (or not) friends together for a day of your favorite TV show or movie series is a great bonding experience between friends, especially if you feature delicious food and drinks.

Not only are they entertaining, but series like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Star Trek have memorable characters and iconic quotes that are worth knowing, and will take an entire day or more to watch in their entirety.


Make a costume
If you really enjoyed your cult classic marathon, you might feel inclined to make a costume of your favorite character. Star Trek and Star Wars costumes require relatively few sewing skills to create, and are great to pull out for any costume party or Halloween later on. A Google search of “how to make a cosplay costume” yields several helpful links, including some wikiHows. Bonus points if you make everything out of duct tape.

Read some books
It is spring break, after all, time to catch up on all those books various people in your life keep recommending. If you’re into atypical fiction, action/steampunk books by Cherie Priest might be your cup of tea, or maybe it’s time to at last tackle something like War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. If you’ve just finished a book you enjoyed, check out the Book Seer at, a neat little search engine that recommends books based on what you enjoy.

Make a video
It seems like everyone these days has at least one or two videos on YouTube, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a new and awesome video that could possibly go viral. Some keys to a great video are creativity or an original idea, good videography and decent editing. You don’t need a huge budget to make an entertaining video.
There are hundreds of sites with tips for good video making. A simple Google search yields them.
It doesn’t take a huge budget, travelling or even good weather to enjoy your spring break. Armed with little more than your computer and imagination, this time off is yours to seize.

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