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Heard anything new lately?

Serendipity Project

Josh “Brown” Ballou,

After the show [Del The Funky Homosapien] the band members, from Serendipity Project were passing out a promotional copy of their CD – what a steal.

I popped the CD in a few days after the show hoping to re-experience the energy these guys served up, but it wasn’t there – sigh.

Instead I got a brand new feel for what the group is all about and it works just as well as they do live on stage.

Serendipity apologized to the crowd at the show b/c their vocalist, Alma Carlson was M.I.A., she had recently given birth. The CD was my introduction to her vocal style. She definitely adds a little something different and welcomed to the funky mixture of musical eclecticism that is The Serendipity Project.

Studio albums usually have a hard time capturing the energy of a group’s live performance, and in the case of Serendipity this is true but that is not a bad thing.

This CD sets up the listener for a glimpse of what they can expect at a live show. Every song offers a different layer of the groups personality.

Rock, funk, hip-hop and so much more season this CD’s overall flavor, and trust me, you will enjoy it to the last drop.

Soulful vocals and nice flows, a cameo from Del himself, and music that will make you shake you a**.

If you want to find out for yourself just what I’m talking about; check out The Serendipity Project for yourself free. Go to and check out the store where they offer a full length promo CD you can download for free



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