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The Broadside staff: working hard since 1953

It hardly seems possible that we had a winter break. Already the term is underway and it’s time to settle into classes and assess our goals for the next ten weeks.

Here at The Broadside we will be taking on the task of producing a campus paper once a week while learning the ropes, training our fellow students and writing, editing and investigating all the stories. Once the stories are written,the graphic designers take on whatever challenge comes their way. Then the production staff assembles it all to fit on the page so it looks good. This entire process is managed in addition to class time, homework, other jobs and private lives. The Broadside has been teaching valuable lessons to student journalists since it started in 1953 and it continues to do so.

One of the paramount lessons is the understanding of what journalism means. We have the opportunity to participate in a profession that has special recognition in the constitution and one that many view as the watchdog in a community as well as a source of information and entertainment. So we’ll continue to research, talk to people, take pictures, craft graphics, pore over documents and knock on doors.
Time and time again through writing stories and profiles, attending meetings, conducting interviews and considering issues, we are inspired by all the hard working people that come together to make our campus community a vibrant, vital and progressive place.



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