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Reveling in Awarkdness

Bethany Hargrove
The Broadside

Awkwardness is an almost universal human experience, often most acute during adolescence. However, by the time one has reached college, awkwardness is less crippling and much, much more hilarious.
For your web-browsing pleasure, I present some of the most awkward websites online, all of which are (mostly) safe for work.

My Life is Awkward
A lower traffic site full of short anecdotes, images, webcomics, and stories shared by Internet people about their awkward moments.
Totally safe for work, My Life is Awkward is a light and hilarious take on the F My Life format, which has been copied on numerous sites ranging from My Life is Awesome to My Life is Average to My Life is Twilight (beware of fangirls.)

Awkward Family Photos
Awkward Family Photos began as a blogspot project, and quickly exploded into an all-out Internet phenomenon.
The blog’s wild popularity has resulted in a book deal for the author and multiple images that have circulated beyond the scope of the blog.
Always good for a laugh, Awkward Family Photos is an awesomely awkward blog for quick scrolling and no in-depth reading.

Fail Blog
Failblog is one of the forefront sites of the Cheezburger network, and includes hilarious failures ranging from everything from architecture to produce to stunts gone wrong.
A lot of fails are sexual in nature (but not graphic), which—let’s be honest here—makes them that much more hilarious.
However, there is also a good balance of people getting hurt, mislabeled or poorly labeled products, and everything else that is so not awesome it’s hilarious



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