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So I am sure to gain a few pounds this holiday season, any hints on how to lose them?Thanks,

Holiday Chunk

Hey Chunk, the holidays are indeed a hard time to stick to your diet, between the stress and family events or depression eating, most of us gain a few pounds.

The best way to lose a few holiday pounds is to find some sort of physical activity that you enjoy. Central Oregon Community College has many options available for students, there is yoga, Pilate’s, and basketball, to name a few, almost anything you’d like to try ,COCC has it.

Don’t have time for another class? Well luckily quite a few gyms here in town like Snap Fitness are open late if not 24hrs, these gyms are great for those of us who have little to no time during the daylight hours.

The next part of weight loss is diet. Finding a plan you can stick to is hard so try not to make a huge change all at once. Best advice is that you cut down (but not out) the carbohydrates and increase your protein intake. Remember protein makes muscle and carbohydrates make fat. Don’t forget to include some plant life in your daily routine either. By the way potatoes don’t count as veggies especially after they are deep fried.

If you can’t motivate yourself to go out and do something there are a few places like Adventure Boot Camp that will help to get you motivated. Adventure Boot Camp features “A four-week outdoor (Indoors for Winter) program of fitness instruction, nutritional counseling, and motivational training”.

The most important thing in weight loss is that you have to truly want to lose the weight and keep it off. Good Luck with your weight loss and enjoy the endless possibilities of a brand new year.



  1. I need advice on the few quick things I can do everyday to look more stylish without spending a fortune. How is this done when I am busy with classes and work?


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