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Fox’s Billiard Lounge: Fun games, friendly staff and fantastic prices


Kathryn Tillenburg
The Broadside
Fox’s billiard lounge, located on Newport Avenue in the same building as Cuppa Yo, packs a surprising portfolio of food and entertainment given its price point
Upon first entering Fox’s you are greeted by big old school -type pool tables, hard black chairs and tables and a surprising pop of color coming from the comfortable looking purple couches. The atmosphere is relaxed, the kind of place you could go to read a good book as well as play pool and have a few drinks with friends.
In true reviewer style I tried several of the menu options so here goes:The Crispy Turkey N’ Bacon Wrap was flavor full and tasty. I was especially pleased with the crispy outside of the wrap and the fries were amazing. Only thing I’d change about this is make it more meat and less salad.
The BBQ Burger was a tasty blend of BBQ sauce, onions, bacon and cheese. The burger was well done but not dried out and in combination with the fries, this was one great burger.
The Puffy Tacos sounded great and frankly have the potential to be truly awesome but sadly the meat was burned which ruined the overall taste of the taco. I’d recommend not burning the meat and draining the beef before placing it on the tacos, since the overall effect was of a burned soggy taco.
The 3 Cheese Mac was creamy and tasty, slightly bland but nothing a little Tabasco couldn’t fix. The penne pasta was perfectly cooked and I’d say over all a good pasta dish.
The Chicken Alfredo, this is one of my favorite dishes, I often cook it at home so I am hard to please when it comes to this dish but Fox’s version doesn’t disappoint. The noodles and sauce were well cooked, had just enough garlic flavor to them, and the chicken was tender and well mixed throughout the dish.
Fox’s pricing is the truly awesome part of their menu, every food item on the menu is priced at $5.75, add a soda for $2 or one of the harder drinks for $5 or less. You can play a game of pool for $8 an hour or shuffleboard for $5 dollars an hour. Maybe your more of a Foosball fan and at $8 an hour, who isn’t? If your interested in a party you can rent a private room with all the bells and whistles for only $20 an hour.
Over all the food was good, the prices were awesome, and the wait staff was attentive but not too attentive, and they feature a full bar while still allowing minors until 7pm. I can definitely say I’ll be back to try out more of their menu and play a few rounds of pool.

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