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Finding places on the internet to fulfill your comic cravings

Bethany Hargrove

The Broadside

The first week of classes has ensued, and you may be looking for pleasant distractions in order to ease back into school. Not to worry, for here is a guide to all your distraction and procrastination needs– some of the best webcomics online.


Ctrl-Alt-Delete is an essential read for any webcomic aficionado. CAD is a beautifully illustrated comic about two guys and a girl who play video games. The main storyline is varied enough to keep one’s interest, and the story offshoots, while occasionally distracting or random, are funny enough to make up for it.Buttersafe

Buttersafe is probably the most random webcomic you will ever encounter– and probably one of the funniest. With heroes like the Punch Monster, Saddest Turtle, and Veiny Dog, Buttersafe will usually keep a solid “WTF” look on your face while making you laugh at your computer monitor. There is no primary underlying storyline, but the reoccurring themes make the entirety of the comic coherent. (Not recommended for in-class reading; too funny.)Hark, a Vagrant!

A slightly more cerebral webcomic, Hark, A Vagrant! is mostly comics about literature and history, with some random memories from the artist’s life thrown for seasoning. The art is relatively crude, but adds a nice new flavor to one’s webcomic rounds with its casual flair and impertinent re-writing of classic books and historical figures.Blip

Blip is the only webcomic I have ever read that made me cry (not with laughter). It’s a beautifully and compellingly illustrated comic that explores good and evil, and everything in between. The poignant parts are ripping, and the funny parts are hilarious. Blip is an incredible webcomic– but if you don’t read it from the beginning (an undertaking that takes a few hours at least if you read fast) you will be exceedingly confused.
(To start from the beginning…. http://blipcomic.com/1/)LeftHandedToons

Lefthandedtoons– what can one even say about it? A webcomic based on drawing comics with one’s non-dominant hand, LeftHandedtoons is off-the-wall, shockingly well drawn, and very humorous. Although there is no one underlying storyline, each comic is very #funny. One could easily jump in without reading the archives, but then much hilarity would be missed.

Other Cool webcomics

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  1. Wow, I would love to analyze/ critique websites. That would be the funnest job. I especially love World of Warcraft due to its expanding universe (lands), unique and different characters (though I was a human/ night elf wizard most of the time). Also, not only do you get to interact with players from around the world, you can compete against them or you can join the group on a quest, an adventure quest. Its so cool that one gets addicted to games and cannot stop playing in this fantasized world, which I got drawn into the world right away. I could not stop playing. Once, during the 7 day trial, I played 4 hours of WOW, and that’s even addicting for me. But after a while, I saw spots which was a sign of computer syndrome. From their on I stopped playing because 1. My eyes were tired and 2. My 7 days were up. I just wanted to play in a world that was a fantastical world.


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