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Community service program will give a bit of color to someone in need

Josh Bridges

The Broadside

Paul Amar, resident director and Paul Wheeler, housing manager of Juniper Hall are putting together a community service program this coming spring.

Paint the Deschutes consists of leaders and volunteers who raise funds and gather resources so that they can paint the home of someone in the community who is needy.

“We paint the home for someone who is either unable to do it themselves or lack the funds to do it,” Wheeler said.

Last spring volunteers worked together to raise funds for the program then they painted a house.

“Volunteers sought out local businesses for donations and resources like paint to help volunteers carry out the mission,” Amar said.

“Paul Amar coordinates the effort,” Wheeler said.

They also wrote thank you letters to those who donated afterwards. Paint the Deschutes will operate again in the spring of 2011.

Wheeler and Amar got the idea about the community service program from the college they both went to then used it last spring at COCC.

“We got this idea from the University of Idaho, where we both went to college, and borrowed it,” Wheeler said.

Volunteers are given the opportunity to integrate into society and make new experiences.

This year they will be excepting volunteers to go out and raise funds for the event.

“Students from Juniper Hall as well as other students may participate in the program” Amar said.



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