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ASCC soon to host second blood drive of school year

Geoffrey McCafferty
The Broadside

The Associated Students of Cascades Campus is hosting another blood drive on Campus for the Red Cross of Oregon.
The effort, which has been organized by ASCC government members, will help offset the desperate need for the blood used in life-saving transfusions and operations in Oregon.

“This is our second blood drive of the year,” said Kelly Pence, ASCC programs coordinator.

“Last term during the Civil War blood drive we exceeded our goal of 25 units and we had 10 first time donors! It was a great success. We are raising our goal to 30 units for this blood drive,”said Pence.

The Pacific Northwest Red Cross services 84 hospitals in the region, and needs to collect 18,000 units of blood every month to keep up with the need.
One unit of blood donated by one person can help up to three people who need transfusions.

“Winter storms across the eastern seaboard have canceled a number of blood drives this year” said Red Cross representative Marcea Vandermeer “We want to encourage everyone who is able to donate to do so and to keep your appointments, to help offset the 18,000 unit shortfall caused by these cancellations”.

There will be a table set up for students to sign up to donate from Jan. 31 to Feb. 3 in the Cascades Hall.

You can also sign up to donate online by going to, clicking on “find a blood drive near you”, and entering the sponsor code ‘OSUBend’. You can then schedule an appointment time that fits into your schedule.

The donations will be accepted by the Red Cross on Feb 8 from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



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