All Access Club helps disabled students


Guadalupe Riosmendoza
The Broadside

The All Access Club at Central Oregon Community College was established in 2008 by Jim Barnett who graduated from Oregon State University-Cascades Campus.

Access is short for accessibility, accessibility for every individual regardless of cognitive, physical or mental limitation.

The club’s primary goal is to bring about accommodations like headphones, wheelchairs, and even utilizing school resources through the American Disabilities Act.

So far, the ADA has approved ramps so people with wheelchairs can access sidewalks more easily, elevators in buildings for individuals with physical disabilities, and disability buses that carry wheelchairs, according to Nathaniel Kelly, the All Access Club President.

“We all have a disability whether it’s documented or not”, expressed David Hagenbach, the All Access club advisor.

The Native American Club, Multicultural Club, and Criminal Justice Club all fully support the cause of the All Access Club and have coordinated events together. The club is involved in events such as the Polar Plunge held at the Old Mill on the Deschutes River. The polar plunge activity is being arranged by the Criminal Justice Club to benefit the Special Olympics.

Some of the other activities All Access plans to accomplish are a soup kitchen and a self-defense class offered to those who use a wheelchair.

A movie night that will portray the life of seven individuals who are armless is also being arranged for the upcoming terms.

Some large events they hope to carry out are a prom and a rafting trip during the spring term.

“We just want to help recognize people who have disabilities that are accomplishing amazing things,” said Elizabeth Comiskey,a member of the All Access club.


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