On the Record: The Broadside will remain Professional even in Unprofessional circumstances


Eric Ercanbrack

The Broadside


I have heard two or three comments recently from students who are asking why The Broadside hates the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College.

This hate is nonexistent.

The Broadside does not hate, and we are not attacking any individual of the student government or the student government itself. We are an unbiased independent newspaper that strives for the utmost accuracy and professionalism. A predominant purpose of The Broadside is to publish a professional paper every week, and to only print facts in the News.  We do this while balancing classes, homework, jobs and our personal lives. We believe strongly in the value of the press to gather, publish and air news and commentary for our campus community backed by the dedication to student First Amendment rights and for open government on campus.

Before the school year began, I sat at a meeting with student government members and expressed to them that I would like to work on The Broadside and ASCOCC’s relationship throughout the year. I have every intent on continuing to fulfilling that promise. However, in that same meeting I also expressed to them that we, as a news organization, will still investigate and be skeptical of how ASCOCC spends and has spent student fee money. The Broadside has followed up on this promise as well, and we will continue to.

The Broadside recently reported on a conference ASCOCC members attended. This article produced a lot of comments on our Facebook page and our website, thebroadsideonline.com.

Some of these comments are in support of our pursuit of the facts while others say that we are inaccurate. We received a letter from ASCOCC making calls for retractions, this letter will be addressed. We also reserve the right to not print hate speech like a letter comparing The Broadside with the KKK.

If misleading and aggressive tactics are used or encouraged by ASCOCC members, they need to stop. I understand how messy politics can get, however that does not mean professionalism should be lost.

The Broadside staff are fact checkers, and that is all we print, the facts, but we are not above corrections. We are unbiased and accurate in our reporting. It is up to students to draw their own conclusions from what The Broadside prints.

You may contact Eric Ercanbrack at eercanbrack@cocc.edu


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