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Letters to the Editor

I am bothered by what has been coming out concerning our ASCOCC government.  How do they justify the length of time spent in Washington D.C.?  Was the conference they were attending eight days long?  I doubt it.  It seems to me the student body financed a vacation for ASCOCC.

How about the three day community college retreat that most of the members attended in late August.  Again, it appears that ‘we, the students’,  have picked up the tab on a student government sight seeing tour. And now, we hear that ASCOCC has hired a lawyer at our expense. This is WRONG.

If they have nothing to hide then why the lawyer?

If it can be proved the activities of ASCOCC government include an abuse of student funds , then the council should be dissolved and possible criminal charges filed.

We of good character become accomplices when we stand aside and do nothing when wrongs are perpetrated.

M. Kolb

It’s unbelievable that ASCOCC’s unbridled corruption has been allowed to go on for this long.

Student body fees shouldn’t be used for personal use or to hire friends and family. It’s illegal for a government entity, like ASCOCC, to hold private unannounced meetings or to not document how they spend money.

The members of ASCOCC who are at fault should be immediately impeached, there should disciplinary action taken against them, and there should be changes made to the constitution to provide better oversight to ASCOCC’s control over the budget.

If they’re worried enough to waste student money to hire a lawyer, it most likely means they did something wrong. Get the rotten ones out of office before it spoils what is a good school.
Don Iler



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